In the Forest, in Northern California

I have been in Northern California for about six weeks now, and here are some of the images that I’ve made during that time.

This image may be my favorite. I love the way the light is shining through the trees, and the way the road looks almost like a secret pathway…




Notice the baby ferns popping out of the side of mountain…

And yes, that’s a treehouse on the far right!

And finally, a shot of the iconic Crescent City lighthouse. I shot it from several angles, and then found if I walked out on the jetty just a bit, I liked the angle even better–and since then I’ve seen other photos of it around town, all taken from this exact same angle, so clearly it’s everyone’s favorite spot! Someday I’ll come back when there are clouds in the sky, or it’s sunset, and make a more interesting image of it, but I also like the sunny simplicity of the the one above.