Catching up…

Bunch of little things to report today!

First one actually isn’t so little… I got to shoot backstage at MTV’s Rock the Cradle last night – and it was amazing! It’s going to take me a few days to process all the images, but I’ve posted a sneak preview on RBL, at:

Second, one of my images is being used on the poster for a show Marty Casey is doing in Cleveland at the Roc Bar on May 9th. If you’re anywhere in Ohio, or in a neighboring state, you should find a way to get there – he’s amazing live – and this will be an acoustic show in an intimate setting – it sounds like a great show!

Third, two of my images from the film festival were published in our local newspaper alongside a great article by Nathalie Taylor. It doesn’t appear to be online yet – just in the printed newspaper – but hopefully it will be soon.

And last but not least, I get to go to a concert tonight! It’s going to be a good weekend!

Edited to Add: Link to the Village News article…

Marty Casey | Ohio Poster

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