Snowy Trees in Idyllwild // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

Yes, it does indeed snow in Southern California – if you’re in the mountains!

It started snowing on Saturday night, and by yesterday morning there was a blanket several inches deep covering everything. I finally ventured out in the afternoon and scraping the snow off my windshield was sort of fun – it was soft and fluffy and light – and pretty! Then more snow last night, and lots more snow this morning. Judging by the snow on the roof of the house next door, it must be almost a foot deep at this point. And it’s not stopping. The forecast is for three more days of this. Will I even be able to see my car if it continues at this rate?

Last summer we got a hard thunderstorm that dumped more rain faster than Idyllwild had seen in 30 years. That was impressive! But I’m sort of thinking that was nothing compared to several feet of snow?

It’s going to be an interesting winter!

Idyllwild Snow // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

3 Replies to “Brrrrr…”

  1. You should come Jaime! There's more snow coming maybe tonight and for sure tomorrow, but then on Thursday and Friday and into the weekend it should be perfect for a visit!

  2. Oy these are gorgeous! but eesh…the stuff is cold…we are supposed to get a few more inches tonight/tomorrow… I will be glad to fly south for a week…I wish it was another few hours south and warmer even…yes, I am greedy:)

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