Surreal double-imagery to magically immortalize

Do you Google yourself? I do! I used to do Search Engine Optimization professionally, so checking my rankings on certain key search terms is part of my regular routine. But it’s also fun to search for my own name!

Tonight I found a really cool description of my work…

Cheryl Spelts Photography
This native Southern Californian photographer specializes in fine art photography. Using a popular slow-shutter technique, she is able to create surreal double-imagery to magically immortalize moments in time.

I also like this one…

Spelts, Cheryl
Photography, 20th Century, modern — ,

So I guess I’m soooo last century, huh? At least I’m modern.

Google yourself! You might find something really fun!

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  1. Ok, it’s really weird I came to read your blog today…I haven’t been in the last week or two…and I was just image googling , each of us!!! lol… The first picture that comes up for myself is one Storm Large photo… And when I was flipping through your google, I found some of my photos as well…I thought that was funny! Even my feet! lol… In fact, my feet are the only thing in my own google, that is actually, me…at least your face is in yours…in addition to all your fabulous images…

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