More, More, More!

So Many Pink Blossoms

Exactly eleven days after the last post, this is what that same tree looks like. Just amazing. I really do prefer the first image – but I can’t get over the opulence of the second image. Spring is on a rampage!

And catch the orange California Poppies below – our state flower, and one of my all-time favorites!

2 Replies to “More, More, More!”

  1. See I prefer the second…and I love that you got both! Here it has like FROZEN since…and kind of ripped on the early blooms! LOL…we have had snow since I took the photos of the flowering trees here! it’s nuts…. But image wise…I love the burst of flowers…the color is beautiful to me…and the angle you have of both images is perfect…it is like it is reaching through the lense…

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