Longer days, more sunshine, warm soft breezes…

According to National Geographic, Spring officially arrives on the vernal equinox, which this year occurred today at 1:48 am Eastern time. I am soooo ready for it this year! Longer days, more sunshine, warm soft breezes… It’s my second favorite time of year, right behind summer.

I shot a special project today – I can’t talk about it yet, but soon! The image above may be a little hint…

I’m still working my way through all the images I shot in Chicago – two concerts and one portrait session, and four more mini-portrait sessions – it’s a lot. But yesterday I got a series posted of Bobby Kourelis at Hammerfest. Seeing the images all together in one spot, you really get just how passionately he plays – he’s something else! I also have some engagement shots to post tomorrow that I shot on Monday here in California – beautiful, beautiful couple!

Oh, and I met a photographer in Chicago – totally random – you just never know who you’ll bump into! I checked out his portfolio today and he’s good – his work is really modern and clean. If you need a headshot in Chicago, he’s definitely worth checking out! Hans Rosemond at hansrosemond.com.

Isn’t Spring just the best?

Trashing the Dress in Atlantic City

The hot trend in photography right now is something called “Trash the Dress.” Basically it’s a bridal session after the wedding, where the photographer and client can create crazy-beautiful images without having to worry about keeping the dress perfectly clean and unwrinkled. “Trashing the Dress” is a catchy name, but it’s usually a misnomer since it’s rare for the dress to actually be ruined. The dress may get a little dirty – or wet – or sandy – depending on where the session takes place, but even that isn’t necessary.

I attended a seminar for photographers in Atlantic City last week and a couple of the participants decided it was the perfect opportunity to put together this type of session. Twelve brides, over fifty photographers, and two TV stations showed up. It was a BIG deal – and a lot of fun!

Sandy in the Ocean, Atlantic City, New Jersey

We were divided into groups and “assigned” a bride – I got lucky! Sandy was beautiful, had a great dress, and was perfectly willing to get wet and muddy. The weather in Atlantic City had been muggy all day, and the fog was really low – it was beautiful and very different than what I’m used to in Southern California. Overall it was a great experience! And knowing the story appeared not only on the local New Jersey and Philadelphia TV news, but also on German TV made it especially fun!

And click here to see a series of images of Sandy playing in the surf – it’s huge, but in my opinion, worth it!

The local Atlantic City paper’s take on the event…

Hot New Band! Quietdrive!

I got to shoot a really hot new band last night! Quietdrive has a CD out on Epic Records that was produced by Butch Walker – big big deal producer! Their two most popular singles have been downloaded on MySpace a combined 400,000 times. And they’re super cute and young – so much fun to shoot. Oh, and I LOVE their music. Their CD has not left my CD player since I got it!

I shot them for ROCKBAND.COM and you can see the rest of the images there, but here’s a little taste…

To see the rest of the images, go to: