On Twitter | November 2013

  • Nov 27 · 78 gorgeous degrees! Bright blue sky and puffy white clouds… #ILoveRiverside
  • Nov 19 · Yay for lower gas prices! $3.59 a gallon? I’ll take it!
  • Nov 18 · Jenna and Michael http://fb.me/Q0WS8Hu9 
  • Nov 16 · Saw a bunch of old friends today, and so many places I love… I miss Fallbrook!
  • Nov 16 · Congratulations to Jenna and Michael! Wishing you a very long and happy life together!
  • Nov 16 · So happy to be back in Fallbrook for the day. I’ve missed my “home” town!
  • Nov 5 · Adventures in commuting from Riverside to Orange County! Today it was strong winds and a massive traffic jam…
  • Nov 2 · Own your dreams. There is no better way to make them happen. http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2013/10/on-owning-it.html …
  • Nov 2 · If you announce what you want the chances of accomplishing your goal go up and so does the chance that you will be disappointed. -seth godin
  • Nov 1 · And to the couple with the “prop” crutches and wheelchair setting up to beg near the freeway offramp? I have no words.
  • Nov 1 · To everyone else: Stop and go traffic is dangerous – please keep your eyes on the road! For the sake of everyone else around you…
  • Nov 1 · To the motorcyclist who went down on the 91 today near Corona: I’m praying for you!

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