Two-week old kittens

Black and White Kitten // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

Somebody wants out of the box!

Kitten escaping box // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

And big sister, who is a little over three months old, is always a willing accomplice…

Kitten Bath // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

Oh no! Getting out of the box means another bath! They hate baths… Scratchy tongue is no fun.

Two Week Old Kittens

Two Week Old Kitten

The little girl is making a run for it Good thing she learned to walk yesterday!

Two Week Old Kittens

Cuddling up with big sister after the bath isn’t so bad though!

A stray cat in the neighborhood has given birth to two litters this summer, and she was still nursing the older kittens, when these were born, so three of the five in the new litter died the very first day. Luckily a very kind neighbor was willing to scale a barrier and go into a black widow infested shed to save the last two – and I’ve been feeding them ever since. They’re 16-days-old old now, and have tripled in size – thanks to a steady diet of Kitten Milk Replacement every three hours. On the two days a week I go to Los Angeles, my Mom takes over the feeding.

Their big sister is from the Momma Cat’s first litter this summer, and she is the sweetest thing – and she’s ready to find a forever home. I coaxed her indoors the day after we saved the baby kittens, and she’s completely adjusted to being an indoor cat. She sleeps on my chest, purrs constantly, and is as loving as can be. She also bathes the baby kittens and helps them to pee and poop – which I’m forever grateful for! But I can do chore myself, and it’s time for her to find an owner that will love her and care for her forever – and who is willing to keep her indoors and safe. If you know anyone, please contact me!

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