Just for fun…

This is fun! Ashton Kutcher posted some video of a Mert & Marcus photo shoot with Demi Moore. It’s interesting to see amateur video of a shoot like this – and because Ashton is who he is, he’s able to get right in there – he’s not trying to stay out of the way, and be a fly on the wall, and not affect the work – he’s right in the thick of things, talking to the participants and having a great time.


About halfway through it, I recognized Taylor Jacobson, one of Rachel Zoe’s assistants, and then I realized Rachel herself was also hovering on the sidelines. And yes, I admit it, I watched The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. Fun show!

From what you can see on the monitor, it looks like the results were stunning – and it’s always fun to see behind the scenes…

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