Ocean by iPhone

Ocean in San Diego // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

I’ve said it before, when I don’t want to carry my real camera, I love my iPhone! It’s fun. And sometimes I get images I love – like the one above. I love the ocean, so that helps – and today was beautiful – there were grey clouds hovering, with patches of sun peaking through. Just the perfect fall day to visit the beach!

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  1. I love my iPhone camera! lol… Seriously I totally agree… And sometimes, it’s just not the equipment, it’s the image… Like the shot of the water here, spectacular! I just used a modified crop of a random self portrait(or rather me goofing before a show in Vegas, lol) as my new blog banner and master avi… I find I don’t even carry my other cameras(and I have a few p/s’s!) around with me really…I either have my iphone, or my good camera:)

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