The Road to De Luz

I woke up this morning to a friend pounding on my front door. Why? Because it was such a beautiful day and the clouds were so gorgeous she didn’t want me to miss any of it.

As she said, “You have to go out and shoot!” She was right!

Blue Sky in De Luz

The awesome sky!


And a cool mud puddle! It’s rained the last two days, so a little mud is to be expected.


Backlit Weeds in De Luz

Awesome, awesome light!


Oak Trees in Deluz

The road to De Luz takes you through some of the prettiest oak groves. When I think of Fallbrook, this is what I picture! And there are other trees as well. It’s just the most beautiful road to drive!

Trees in Deluz

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  1. I'm a big fan of clouds. The ones that are the most intriguing to me visually are risky to try to take photos of though, because they are typically storm clouds…you've got to get them at just the exact moment, and then run!

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