Fallbrook Today

I drove past a Persimmon orchard today, and was struck by how beautiful the trees look right now – completely laden with fruit.

Fallbrook Persimmon Orchard

My Mom makes the best Persimmon bread, and growing up we always knew at least one friend who had a tree and would have tons of fruit to give away between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I’d never seen a whole orchard of trees before this week – and it’s a beautiful thing to see!


Just a short distance from this beautiful orchard there’s massive fire damage. But not everything was scorched. This pale purple flower is actually a weed that grows on the side of the road – the official name is Datura, but it’s more commonly known as Angel’s Trumpet. When the bloom opens, they remind me of a Georgia O’Keefe painting. But even a bud like this one is beautiful.

Burned Truck

On Reche Road there used to be an old restaurant or road house or country store or house – I’m not sure what exactly – if it’s been open in the last twenty years, I don’t remember it. And the oak trees and vegetation around it were always so thick, all you could see was the old sign – the building was completely hidden. But whatever it was, the fire a month ago claimed it – all that’s left is the gate, the foundation, a chimney, and two vehicles in the yard. And you can see it all from the road as you drive by.

San Diego County Wildfires 2007

The yellow sign reads, “San Diego County Wildfires 2007, Clean-up Program, Hazardous Materials Assessment and Removal COMPLETE.” I’m assuming the charred paint cans marked with green paint, were placed here by the pros doing the assessment and removal…

Aftermath of the Rice Fire, Fallbrook, California.

Not everything burned. This newspaper box attached to a mailbox melted.

Rice Fire, Fallbrook, California.

Aftermath of the Rice Fire, Fallbrook, California.

Once thriving ivy…

Hazardous material has been removed

Another yellow sign signifying the hazardous material has been removed.

Burned Car

There are a lot of classic and vintage cars in Fallbrook – it’s one of the things were famous for – avocados, classic cars, our hometown Christmas Parade, and oak trees! I wonder if this car was a project car, or if it was beautifully restored, or if it was something in between?

Aftermath of the Rice Fire, Fallbrook, California.

I was amazed to see so much plant life still standing, when the homes are completely gone. This plant may be dying, but it is still standing.

Aftermath of the Rice Fire, Fallbrook, California.

Part of a gate…

Aftermath of the Rice Fire, Fallbrook, California.

There were crews everywhere hauling out debris. About a week ago, my Mom spent a whole day digging through the ashes in this same neighborhood, with a relief group trying to find anything the home owners might want. I was really proud of her. It’s one thing to give money, but to give eight hours of your time to dig through ashes and debris? That’s just really special…

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  1. Hello Cheryl,

    love the Persimmon orchard trees, my mom had always want to see those in her life, can you tell me where is it place?

  2. Hi Ivy! It’s on Ranger Road, near Reche Road. It’s private property, so you can’t get too close, but the trees are by the road, so you’ll definitely see them as you drive by! I think persimmon season is over for this year though – so it might not be as impressive right now?

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