On Twitter | October 2013

  • Oct 31 · I’m tired and I’m busy… but I just realized that my new neighborhood may celebrate Halloween. Should I stay in OC and study? Or go buy candy?
  • Oct 28 · Got the second highest grade in the class for the Criminal Law midterm. I am perfectly content with a good solid A- at this point!
  • Oct 16 · The danger in discussing a midterm once it’s over? Hearing all the issues you missed when it’s too late to do anything about it!
  • Oct 16 · Wish me luck! My last midterm this semester is in a little over three hours!
  • Oct 16 · Seatbelt is buckled, still car keeps beeping. Why? Realized my criminal law books are HEAVY enough in passenger seat to trip sensor.
  • Oct 12 · Just saw a seriously goodlooking 30-year-old guy with moviestar hair and a cardboard sign, begging? Hidden camera? Or real?
  • Oct 11 · Drove my new convertible with top down, through a tiny bit of snow. So the car has been officially introduced to Idyllwild!
  • Oct 11 · In Idyllwild to see the first snow of the season! And my Grandma!
  • Oct 9 · Is it really so unusual to want a long straw if you order a tall drink?
  • Oct 6 · I love Riverside! <3

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