Self Portrait Project

Cheryl SpeltsI’m starting a new section of my blog today – a new category – it’s kind of a secret section, because the posts won’t show up on the main front page of my blog, or in my main RSS feed. Anyone on the web can get to it, so it’s not a real secret… Just a section no one knows about, except for me. At least for now!

So what is this unknown, sort of hidden, and pseudo-secret section going to be about? Me!

I’ve been wanting to get back into doing more self portraits – maybe even making it into a project? And whenever I think about self-portraits, then I get into self-improvement mode – it’s hard not to when you spend time gazing at yourself!

Self examination almost always leads to self-improvement…

And wouldn’t it be fun to document the whole process? Not just the end product – the actual self-portraits – but also the changes and evolution and the goals and the dreams – all of it. Or at least the interesting parts!

Thing is, not everyone who comes to my blog is going to be interested in all that personal reflection – in fact, it would be safe to say that very few of my blog visitors would enjoy reading about all that. So I had to choose between starting a second blog, and keeping things totally separate, or I could just start a new category on my current blog, and hide the posts from the front page and the main RSS feed – and I chose the latter.

Here’s to my new project! Documenting a work in progress… As an artist I never know where I’ll end up with an open-ended project like this – but that’s part of the beauty of it – and if you find this section, and decide to follow along, I welcome you!

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