Abstract in Acrylic

Violet and Orange Abstract Painting / Cheryl Spelts

I moved some of my things out of storage this weekend, and happily came across this painting I did several years ago. An abstract done in acrylics on canvas – in my favorite color combination – violet and a dark purple, with orange. I still love it, years later, and it makes me happy to post it here, and share it with the world.

I may not earn my living as a painter, but I think all artists play in other media at times, and this painting is just as much me as any photographic image. Who I am as an artist comes out whether I’m working with light sensitive emulsion, or acrylic paint, or millions and millions of pixels…

5 Replies to “Abstract in Acrylic”

  1. Such a beautiful abstract with a respect for the presence of control which makes the design even more beautiful. You can see the thought and the decisions made. It’s not just expression but crafted expression. And, with a limited palette! Always the mark of a confident artist. Gorgeous.

    It’s a little work of fiction dotted with characters and shapes; a handmade drama for the entertainment and joy of the eyes. I really adore this very much.

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