I’ve Been Tagged!

The super-talented Denice Woyski tagged me over a week ago, and now I’m passing it on. It’s just for fun – list 8 things people probably don’t know about you, and then tag another 8 friends. It’s the Power of Eight!

Eight things about Cheryl

  • I’ve never been drunk or tried any drugs.
  • Despite my best efforts to simplify, I still own far too much clutter.
  • I love my iPhone despite the first bill I got, which was $2000.
  • I like a desk with NOTHING on it, except my monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  • I’m not over reality TV yet. I still love it!
  • I don’t own a convertible right now, and it’s really rough…
  • One of my favorite things is a room service cheeseburger at a $400 a night hotel!
  • I still have all my old darkroom equipment and will someday set it up again. I love silver!

I am tagging:

The real point of all this is to spread some link-love around and get Google to notice some of my friends…

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