Marty Casey’s “Crime of Fashion” CD

Crime of Fashion CD Single, by Marty CaseyI’ve been such a bad blogger this year! So much has happened, that I haven’t mentioned. It’s partially due to the fact that when you’re working with musicians and record companies there can be a delay between shooting an artist, and then seeing the final CD debut. But I also have to admit that I’m just behind… So I’ll try to rectify that a bit now – with another CD that debuted this year, with one of my images on the cover!

Marty Casey released the CD single, Crime of Fashion in the late Spring, and it’s only available with a purchase from his Silver Elements Jewelry line – available at You can hear a clip of the song at Silver Elements Collection: Music – just click on the song title on that page, and then in the popup window, click on the sound icon!

We actually shot the cover last summer, in an elevator in a swanky hotel on the Sunset Strip – can you guess which one? The shiny textured metallic wall may offer a bit of a clue!

My images have appeared on four CDs in the last two years – and of those images this one is definitely the closest to my fine art work. I’ve always been attracted to multiple and long exposures! And I love that Marty is brave enough as an artist to go a little wild with me, and make an image like this happen – and I love it even more that he chose it for his CD cover. Says a lot about him as an artist!

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Silver Elements Collection: The Fall Line

Back in September I did a session with Marty Casey in West Hollywood for his Silver Elements Collection – the fall line – and the images debuted on his site a few weeks ago, but I’ve never shared them here, so here’s a taste!

Marty Casey for Silver Elements // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

I love this scarf! It’s asymmetric and sort of intentionally frayed on one side, and has silver running through it – very very cool! And I love the shot as well – possibly my favorite image from the entire session…

Marty Casey for Silver Elements // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

This image was actually from an earlier session – also for Silver Elements – but it just debuted last month, so I figured I’d share it now too, since I love it so much! There’s no jewelry in it – but it’s beautiful, so I can live with that!

There are a lot more images at – you have to click on “more views” to get to see all the images – so a little extra work, but it’s worth doing! And if you’re in the holiday shopping mode, I’d definitely take a look – everything from the collection is really beautiful, and beautifully made, and distinctive – in other words, they make great gifts!

Some of my favorite things…

Floto Casiana Mini // Photo: Cheryl SpeltsFavorite Fun Read: Cranky Actress Blog
If you ever were an actor, or thought about acting, or want to act, then you gotta read Cranky’s Blog! She may be telling the complete truth or she may be making it all up – but either way, she makes me laugh! Honestly, my usual impulse is to steer clear of cranky people. Who has time for all that complaining? But I’ll make an exception for Cranky Actress, because she’s so much fun!

Favorite Bag: Floto Imports
I love these bags! I have the Casiana Tote and the Casiana Mini, both in black and they’re so cool they make me want to travel more – as if I needed any impetus in that direction! Beautiful leather, Italian style, and enough room to carry everything easily. I’m just in love… And I’ve had them for two years already, and use them often, and they still look great. I fully expect to still be in love years from now! Maybe someday I’ll add another Mini in orange to my collection? That might cause a love overdose!

Favorite Twitter-related Service: BackTweets
Twitter shortens long URLs, which is great, but if you want to do a search for all the times your website was mentioned on Twitter, those shortened URLs made it impossible – before now. BackTweets changes that! I only found a handful of mentions of my site by using it, but they were all really fun finds – so it’s my new favorite toy!

Favorite Site Design: DreamerLines
I just love the way this site works! There are no pages, you hit tabs and fly to your destination. Deceptively simple and incredibly cool…

My Absolute Favorite Thing This Week: The Water Necklace
It’s brand new and beautiful, and shimmery silver – what’s not to love? It’s from the MXC Silver Elements Collection, and while I didn’t shoot the campaign for this season, I love this piece! And it looks really good on me!

Silver Elements Water Necklace // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

Sunglasses from Marty Casey’s Silver Elements

 // Photo: Cheryl SpeltsMarty Casey just added sunglasses to his Silver Elements Collection!

To get a pair, click here, and be sure to check out “More Views” for three more images. We shot them on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood last week, and they’re totally cool and so very very LA!

All items purchased from the Marty Casey Silver Elements Collection support the “Marty Casey Elements of Nature Fund” where every $ plants a tree in conjunction with American Forests “Global Releaf” Ecosystem Restoration Projects. American Forests ( helps people improve the environment with trees and forests. It is the nation’s oldest nonprofit citizens’ conservation organization.

Michigan Avenue Magazine

Marty Casey in Pacific BeachFrom Marla Zegart of

Marty Casey’s Silver Elements Trees dogtag necklace is featured in this month’s Michigan Avenue Magazine. The monthly magazine is an upscale publication that “celebrates the best of Chicago and its surrounding region, from people, events, and celebrity dish to fashion, fine dining, and shopping.”

To see a scan of the magazine, with a couple of my images, click here.

Marty Casey in Pacific Beach

Marty Casey at the Crystal Pier // Photo: Cheryl Spelts
Think wet and sandy and sexy. Pretty compelling, isn’t it?

That was my assignment last month when I shot Marty Casey for his Silver Elements Collection. There are sessions that go so perfectly you feel like the stars are aligned and the day is charmed – this was one of those sessions. Every set up blew me away.

Honestly, I get to see my vision turn into beautiful reality all the time – that’s not new – that’s my job! But rarely is it quite so beautiful…

Marty Casey under the Crystal Pier // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

Most of the images debuted on two weeks ago, but not everything we shot was about the jewelry. Sometimes when you’re in a beautiful setting, with a beautiful subject, and it’s a charmed day, you get other kinds of images. And I’ve been really eager to show them off, so here they are! Some of the best of the best of the jewelry shots and some other stuff – call it the director’s cut! My picks for best images of the day…

Marty Casey in Pacific Beach // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

I heard the word “sandgasm” recently used to describe a series of portraits of guys covered in sand. Well I gotta say that Marty Casey wet and sandy blows just about anyone else off the beach, so I’m co-opting the word – ’cause it’s perfect!

Marty Casey | Silver Elements Collection

Silver Elements Collection // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

A little over two weeks ago I got to do a fun session with Marty Casey for his Silver Elements Collection. It’s a line of really beautiful jewelry that he designed with Marla Zegart – and the running theme through the whole collection is the natural environment. The first piece, launched a couple of months ago was named after his big song from Rock Star: INXS, “Trees.” And the newer pieces are part of the Stars collection, also named after a new song, “I See Stars” – and come with a CD single of “I See Stars.” It’s a GREAT song – definitely one of my all-time favorites!

We shot in downtown La Jolla and right on the beach in Pacific Beach, under the Crystal Pier. So beautiful jewelry, incredible setting, and a hot rock star – perfect assignment for me!

I’m sure some of the images from this session will end up in my online portfolio at some point in the future – it’s arguably some of the best work of my entire career – I’m really proud of it! But for now, the only place to see it is in Silver Elements Collection’s Online Catalog – so go look! And buy something! Every purchase helps to plant a tree in conjunction with American Forests “Global Releaf” Ecosystem Restoration Projects. So you not only get a beautiful piece of jewelry you’ll be able to wear forever, but you’re also helping the environment!