Marty Casey’s “Crime of Fashion” CD

Crime of Fashion CD Single, by Marty CaseyI’ve been such a bad blogger this year! So much has happened, that I haven’t mentioned. It’s partially due to the fact that when you’re working with musicians and record companies there can be a delay between shooting an artist, and then seeing the final CD debut. But I also have to admit that I’m just behind… So I’ll try to rectify that a bit now – with another CD that debuted this year, with one of my images on the cover!

Marty Casey released the CD single, Crime of Fashion in the late Spring, and it’s only available with a purchase from his Silver Elements Jewelry line – available at You can hear a clip of the song at Silver Elements Collection: Music – just click on the song title on that page, and then in the popup window, click on the sound icon!

We actually shot the cover last summer, in an elevator in a swanky hotel on the Sunset Strip – can you guess which one? The shiny textured metallic wall may offer a bit of a clue!

My images have appeared on four CDs in the last two years – and of those images this one is definitely the closest to my fine art work. I’ve always been attracted to multiple and long exposures! And I love that Marty is brave enough as an artist to go a little wild with me, and make an image like this happen – and I love it even more that he chose it for his CD cover. Says a lot about him as an artist!

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Surreal double-imagery to magically immortalize

Do you Google yourself? I do! I used to do Search Engine Optimization professionally, so checking my rankings on certain key search terms is part of my regular routine. But it’s also fun to search for my own name!

Tonight I found a really cool description of my work…

Cheryl Spelts Photography
This native Southern Californian photographer specializes in fine art photography. Using a popular slow-shutter technique, she is able to create surreal double-imagery to magically immortalize moments in time.

I also like this one…

Spelts, Cheryl
Photography, 20th Century, modern — ,

So I guess I’m soooo last century, huh? At least I’m modern.

Google yourself! You might find something really fun!

Multiple Exposures and Motion

Last week I shot with Patrick – we went a little wild and created some really beautiful images. These were shot on film, and hand-printed – lots of multiple exposures and motion. Really really gorgeous stuff – and a great model as well!

Holga Imagery

Alley in Downtown RiversideIn the summer of 2001 I took a class at Palomar College called the Plastic Camera Workshop, and I liked it so much I took it again in the summer of 2002. In 2003 they changed the content slightly, and gave it a new name, The Multiple Image. All three years involved coming up with a portfolio of images, using a $20 plastic toy camera–a Holga!

View a slideshow of Holga Images from 2001-2003

Post added on March 22, 2017, but the images are from 2001-2003.



First Congregational Church of Riverside

First Congregational Church of RiversideFirst Congregational Church

 Life Arts Building in Riverside, California

Flowers at the old YMCA

Old House in Julian, California