Abstracted by iPhone

iPhone Abstract

Abstracted by iPhone

Yeah, these were shot with an iPhone! It’s a great little camera and you can do some super-fun things with it…

A Day in Toronto With an iPhone

I spent a day in Toronto at the end of my trip with absolutely nothing planned – my favorite kind of day! I slept in, ordered room service, then hopped on a tour bus and let someone else drive me around the city, while I shot with my iPhone. I had fun playing with movement – the camera doesn’t have any settings to manipulate, but you can still get some fun stuff with moving subject matter.

If you look carefully at the images below, you’ll see when the bus went over a bump – because there’s a funky dip in the sidewalk. Or when other vehicles were moving fast, because the body of the vehicle gets stretched waaaaay out.

It was fun, and I saw a lot that day. I liked Toronto – it reminded me of New York City, and as the tour guide pointed out, that was partially because so much film production happens there, and the city often subs for NYC in the movies.

Toronto photos

Toronto images

Toronto with an iPhone

Toronto, Canada

Bus Tour of Toronto

Transportation in Toronto

Toronto church

People walking in Toronto

Levi Store in Toronto

Lust won out…

iPhone 2007…and I’m the happy new owner of an iPhone!

I tried so hard to resist – really, I did! I’ve never been an early adapter. I’ve always bought into the old, “it’s better to wait and get the second generation of any new product so the manufacturer would have time to work the bugs out.” Yeah, right. Sounds smart…

But I trust Apple and the iPhone is the phone I’ve been waiting for – it’s got all the features I’ve wanted. I’ve heard other people say they’ll wait until it comes out with more memory, or it’s G3 enabled, or whatever – but for me, it’s exactly what I wanted, as is.

That’s not to say it wasn’t a purchase driven by pure lust. Sometimes you’ve just got to give in, and let lust win…