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  • Feb 27 · PBS’ Frontline profiled “Generation Like” tonight, and their social media-driven world. Gen X and the Millennials? Very different world!
  • Feb 25 · If you miss your exit, then you miss your exit. It’s not that big a deal. Just get off at the next one! #literallyandfiguratively
  • Jan 16 · I hate being away from home on days when there’s a big wildfire in a nearby town. Makes me a bit nervous…
  • Jan 11 · Ethan Morton, author of “Anything Goes,” a new book on the history of musical theatre, made the comment. #RuthEtting
  • Jan 11 · Audiences didn’t care – they were getting to see a star! Love to #PBS for getting it RIGHT!
  • Jan 11 · About how her numbers were rarely integrated into the plot of the Broadway show – but audiences didn’t care – they were getting to see a …
  • Jan 11 · Just heard a referance to Ruth Etting on PBS’ TheatreTalk! And it was spot on!

On Twitter | December 2013

  • Dec 24 · Amazing he’s still alive… And grateful he sailed between me and the car behind me! It was just like magic! #drunkdriversuck
  • Dec 24 · A car just sailed through a red light, at 50MPH downtown, while I was in the middle of the intersection – going the other way – legally.
  • Dec 24 · It’s 83 degrees today – clear and sunny gorgeousness! So grateful to live in such a beautiful place!
  • Dec 16 · Done with finals! I have officially completed my first semester in law school. So happy! Now, on to Christmas…
  • Dec 10 · Torts Final is done and I feel really good! Which could be a sign I missed issues… Or it could mean I did really good! Either way, I FEEL good!
  • Dec 9 · Palm trees in the background, oranges in winter, and a pretty girl – all the elements of a vintage ad meant to… http://fb.me/3xE3NmyDC 
  • Dec 9 · The Steam Punk Contingent! I don’t think these three were officially connected with the event, they were guests,… http://fb.me/12BwoqFhT 
  • Dec 9 · Every year Heritage House in Riverside hosts a Victorian Christmas Party, and this year I finally got to go! http://fb.me/1cEBNR4mH 
  • Dec 9 · Heritage House | A Victorian Christmas – http://cherylspelts.com/?p=4469 
  • Dec 9 · Jenna and Michael – http://cherylspelts.com/?p=4455 
  • Dec 8 · Victorian Christmas at Heritage House, circa 1895, then chocolate martinis and appetizers at the Mission inn! #iLoveRiverside
  • Dec 6 · I posted 11 photos on Facebook in the album “Jenna and Michael” http://fb.me/1HHAIMnX3 
  • Dec 5 · Restaurant Impossible is filming in Redlands this week! At a place called Mill Creek BBQ? If you live nearby, there’s a radio event!
  • Dec 3 · There’s a mass of gray rain clouds hanging over the coast. The kind of day I wish I could stay inland, in the sun!

On Twitter | November 2013

  • Nov 27 · 78 gorgeous degrees! Bright blue sky and puffy white clouds… #ILoveRiverside
  • Nov 19 · Yay for lower gas prices! $3.59 a gallon? I’ll take it!
  • Nov 18 · Jenna and Michael http://fb.me/Q0WS8Hu9 
  • Nov 16 · Saw a bunch of old friends today, and so many places I love… I miss Fallbrook!
  • Nov 16 · Congratulations to Jenna and Michael! Wishing you a very long and happy life together!
  • Nov 16 · So happy to be back in Fallbrook for the day. I’ve missed my “home” town!
  • Nov 5 · Adventures in commuting from Riverside to Orange County! Today it was strong winds and a massive traffic jam…
  • Nov 2 · Own your dreams. There is no better way to make them happen. http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2013/10/on-owning-it.html …
  • Nov 2 · If you announce what you want the chances of accomplishing your goal go up and so does the chance that you will be disappointed. -seth godin
  • Nov 1 · And to the couple with the “prop” crutches and wheelchair setting up to beg near the freeway offramp? I have no words.
  • Nov 1 · To everyone else: Stop and go traffic is dangerous – please keep your eyes on the road! For the sake of everyone else around you…
  • Nov 1 · To the motorcyclist who went down on the 91 today near Corona: I’m praying for you!

On Twitter | October 2013

  • Oct 31 · I’m tired and I’m busy… but I just realized that my new neighborhood may celebrate Halloween. Should I stay in OC and study? Or go buy candy?
  • Oct 28 · Got the second highest grade in the class for the Criminal Law midterm. I am perfectly content with a good solid A- at this point!
  • Oct 16 · The danger in discussing a midterm once it’s over? Hearing all the issues you missed when it’s too late to do anything about it!
  • Oct 16 · Wish me luck! My last midterm this semester is in a little over three hours!
  • Oct 16 · Seatbelt is buckled, still car keeps beeping. Why? Realized my criminal law books are HEAVY enough in passenger seat to trip sensor.
  • Oct 12 · Just saw a seriously goodlooking 30-year-old guy with moviestar hair and a cardboard sign, begging? Hidden camera? Or real?
  • Oct 11 · Drove my new convertible with top down, through a tiny bit of snow. So the car has been officially introduced to Idyllwild!
  • Oct 11 · In Idyllwild to see the first snow of the season! And my Grandma!
  • Oct 9 · Is it really so unusual to want a long straw if you order a tall drink?
  • Oct 6 · I love Riverside! <3

On Twitter | August 2013

  • Aug 27 · …temporarily taken home a super sweet kitten, and started law school!
  • Aug 27 · In the past week I’ve moved into a cute little Victorian house, gotten a cute little VW convertible, temporarily taken home a super swee …
  • Aug 21 · My cat Roxie is home now, after a night out with local cat gang in our new neighborhood. She is HAPPY to be back.
  • Aug 21 · Once again my Grandma comes to my rescue! This time it was a lost cat emergency. Thank heaven for my Grandma!
  • Aug 18 · Sold my car today! And the buyer found a brand new video light I “lost” three years ago. So I got cash and got my light back – good deal!
  • Aug 17 · Wondering why I can hear happy little kids jumping and splashing in a pool nearby, at 11PM? But also super jealous, because it sounds fun!
  • Aug 17vToday? Law school orientation! Tomorrow? Hopefully sell my car… Monday? Move to my new apartment. Next week? Start law school. Busy but happy!
  • Aug 14 · Worried about hormones in meat? The USDA allows their use with cattle and sheep, but NOT in hogs, chickens or turkeys http://goo.gl/ti9YaT 
  • Aug 11 · Streetcars may be coming back to downtown Riverside – right where I’ll be living. Love the trolley in San Diego, so I approve!
  • Aug 7 · This area burned just 10 years ago in the Esperanza Fire. #SilverFire
  • Aug 7 · Now it’s at 5000 acres. Residents evacuated to Idyllwild, #SilverFire
  •  Aug 7 · It appears that CBS2 has more than one helicopter on the scene? If so THANK YOU! Multiple views are good! #SilverFire
  • Aug 7 · 0% containment and 2500 acres burned in only two hours. So many gorgeous oak trees in that area… #SilverFire
  • Aug 7 · My heart goes out to the residents of Poppet Flat! #SilverFire

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