Abstract in Acrylic, #2

Abstract Painting in Blue

It’s the strangest thing, the most popular post on my whole blog, thanks to Pinterest, is a violet and orange abstract painting I did in 2004. Not a photograph, a painting. So when I found another painting in storage, that’s similar in style, I figured it would be fun to post it as well, and see what happens.

Violet, Purple, and Orange Abstract in Acrylic
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Is the violet and orange painting popular because of the colors? Is it just a fluke? Or will the blue and yellow painting find a few fans as well?

The blue and yellow abstract is actually much larger than the violet and orange painting – maybe four times larger. And when I put it aside in 2004, it felt “unfinished” to me, but I wasn’t sure what to do next with it. If you mess too long with a painting, you can completely spoil it, so I set it aside, and hoped that if I left it for a few days, I’d figure out what to do next. But I never did figure it out, and eventually I stuck it in storage, and now, ten years later when I look at it, I think maybe it was finished all along. I’m still not sure what else I would do to it, but more importantly, I think I like it the way it is. The violet and orange was my first painting, and I still like it best, and maybe that’s why I felt dissatisfied with this one? Because it was so different, and in my eyes, not as good. But now? Now I like it!

So what do you think? Finished or unfinished? Better or worse than the other? Is it worth hanging?

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  1. Both are great, but I actually prefer the blue and yellow one. Feels like I’m under the water looking up at “fantasy” sea life. 🙂

  2. Historically this is my favorite color combination as well – since childhood! And it references the bright blue sky and warm sun I love as well. My infatuation with violet and orange only dates back to 1998. That was the year I designed the ROCKBAND.COM logo, so I know exactly when I fell for that color combination…

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