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Abstract in Acrylic, #2

Abstract Painting in Blue

It’s the strangest thing, the most popular post on my whole blog, thanks to Pinterest, is a violet and orange abstract painting I did in 2004. Not a photograph, a painting. So when I found another painting in storage, that’s similar in style, I figured it would be fun to post it as well, and see what happens.

Violet, Purple, and Orange Abstract in Acrylic
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Is the violet and orange painting popular because of the colors? Is it just a fluke? Or will the blue and yellow painting find a few fans as well?

The blue and yellow abstract is actually much larger than the violet and orange painting – maybe four times larger. And when I put it aside in 2004, it felt “unfinished” to me, but I wasn’t sure what to do next with it. If you mess too long with a painting, you can completely spoil it, so I set it aside, and hoped that if I left it for a few days, I’d figure out what to do next. But I never did figure it out, and eventually I stuck it in storage, and now, ten years later when I look at it, I think maybe it was finished all along. I’m still not sure what else I would do to it, but more importantly, I think I like it the way it is. The violet and orange was my first painting, and I still like it best, and maybe that’s why I felt dissatisfied with this one? Because it was so different, and in my eyes, not as good. But now? Now I like it!

So what do you think? Finished or unfinished? Better or worse than the other? Is it worth hanging?

Eleven weeks old and adorable!


Rafael and Sasha! Sasha just turned one year old, so he’s barely out of kittenhood himself, but he’s completely affectionate and loving with the babies. Even when they bite his tail and try to climb him like a tree… He’s a patient cat!


Little Miss Calista, (with Rafael photobombing!) and her very tired mother, Maisie. Raising these babies is making Maisie more than a little tired. She’ll be glad when they find forever homes, and she can get back to napping at will again!


Samantha has the greenest eyes of all the kittens – not as green as her mother, but very pretty!


Sasha gives good baths! And my favorite cat of all, Roxie Pablo, is ready to take a real bath! Roxie is two-years-old now, and still my favorite. She was first, but it’s more than that; she’s just a very special cat.


Calista gives good face. That little orange nose? Just perfection.


Two shots of Vanessa! She’s actually my favorite of the kittens; probably because she loves me the most. It’s hard not to love a baby that looks at you adoringly, and follows you around, and only wants to be near you!


And finally, one more of Calista, because she’s just so darn cute! She wins for best-looking!

On Instagram…

I finally joined Instagram, and wanted to share a little of what I’m posting!

Riverside, CaliforniaChristian Science Church, Riverside, CaliforniaThe Mission Inn, Riverside, CaliforniaWild flowers in Idyllwild, California.The view to Banning, California.

Idyllwild GateiPhone Photography

There’s a certain looseness shooting with an iPhone that I really like. No real editing–other the option to apply a filter or two–and no pressure. Just fun!

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