On Twitter | January and February 2014

  • Feb 27 · PBS’ Frontline profiled “Generation Like” tonight, and their social media-driven world. Gen X and the Millennials? Very different world!
  • Feb 25 · If you miss your exit, then you miss your exit. It’s not that big a deal. Just get off at the next one! #literallyandfiguratively
  • Jan 16 · I hate being away from home on days when there’s a big wildfire in a nearby town. Makes me a bit nervous…
  • Jan 11 · Ethan Morton, author of “Anything Goes,” a new book on the history of musical theatre, made the comment. #RuthEtting
  • Jan 11 · Audiences didn’t care – they were getting to see a star! Love to #PBS for getting it RIGHT!
  • Jan 11 · About how her numbers were rarely integrated into the plot of the Broadway show – but audiences didn’t care – they were getting to see a …
  • Jan 11 · Just heard a referance to Ruth Etting on PBS’ TheatreTalk! And it was spot on!

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