On Twitter | December 2013

  • Dec 24 · Amazing he’s still alive… And grateful he sailed between me and the car behind me! It was just like magic! #drunkdriversuck
  • Dec 24 · A car just sailed through a red light, at 50MPH downtown, while I was in the middle of the intersection – going the other way – legally.
  • Dec 24 · It’s 83 degrees today – clear and sunny gorgeousness! So grateful to live in such a beautiful place!
  • Dec 16 · Done with finals! I have officially completed my first semester in law school. So happy! Now, on to Christmas…
  • Dec 10 · Torts Final is done and I feel really good! Which could be a sign I missed issues… Or it could mean I did really good! Either way, I FEEL good!
  • Dec 9 · Palm trees in the background, oranges in winter, and a pretty girl – all the elements of a vintage ad meant to… http://fb.me/3xE3NmyDC 
  • Dec 9 · The Steam Punk Contingent! I don’t think these three were officially connected with the event, they were guests,… http://fb.me/12BwoqFhT 
  • Dec 9 · Every year Heritage House in Riverside hosts a Victorian Christmas Party, and this year I finally got to go! http://fb.me/1cEBNR4mH 
  • Dec 9 · Heritage House | A Victorian Christmas – http://cherylspelts.com/?p=4469 
  • Dec 9 · Jenna and Michael – http://cherylspelts.com/?p=4455 
  • Dec 8 · Victorian Christmas at Heritage House, circa 1895, then chocolate martinis and appetizers at the Mission inn! #iLoveRiverside
  • Dec 6 · I posted 11 photos on Facebook in the album “Jenna and Michael” http://fb.me/1HHAIMnX3 
  • Dec 5 · Restaurant Impossible is filming in Redlands this week! At a place called Mill Creek BBQ? If you live nearby, there’s a radio event!
  • Dec 3 · There’s a mass of gray rain clouds hanging over the coast. The kind of day I wish I could stay inland, in the sun!

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