Me, Today

Me, today...

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Elliot

Consider this day one. A new and fresh start.

Basic ring light shot, that really shows what I look like – not too artistic – just documenting where I am today.

This project is about being what I was meant to be – and documenting the journey. It could be the most important and interesting thing I’ve ever done.

All I have to do is start to walk, and take photos of myself, and walk a little further each day, and take more photos, and eat a little less, and walk a little further, and let the art take over…

Ring light is interesting – and perfect for this use. It’s a beautiful, soft, glamorous light – think Pamela Anderson on Dancing With the Stars – word is she only allowed interviews with journalists who would use ring light on her. It super-flattering on some faces – including mine and Pamela Anderson’s! But that doesn’t mean it hides details, or that it leads to blurry soft focus – far from it! If you get close to an image lit with a ring light, you can see every single eyelash, every single strand of hair, and every single thread that makes up the fabric, in the clothing. It’s good with the details!

So, ring light is perfect for me right now – it’s flattering, and allows me to make pretty images of myself. But it’s also scrupulously honest – in other words, good for the documentation part of this project.

Day one.

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