Terri Nunn and Berlin in Thousand Oaks

As promised… images of Berlin, live in concert at the Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks!

Terri Nunn

Terri NunnBerlin

BerlinTerri Nunn


Terri NunnTerri Nunn

Terri Nunn

Terri Nunn and BerlinBerlin had a string of hits in the 1980s, including The Metro, Sex (I’m A…), Take My Breath Away – which was featured prominently in Top Gun – and my personal favorite, No More Words.

I first saw the band in concert two years ago – at Crash Mansion in downtown LA – and fell in love then. And even though it was a shorter set this time, and the production was less elaborate, the band sounded better. The Thousands Oaks Civic Plaza theater may not be the typical rock concert hall – the ushers are all senior citizens and dress up for events in matching uniforms – and the staff seems more used to producing Broadway shows, than hosting rock and pop stars. But what the hall lacks in rock cred, it makes up for in sound quality. I loved hearing Terri Nunn’s voice in that hall!

Berlin was the last act of the night, and they really were the perfect way to end the show. So many hits. So much passion and joy and emotion. It was just maybe, my favorite part of the night!

To see the slideshow from this concert, go to ROCKBANDLOUNGE.COM – the images of Berlin are at the very end – and they’re slightly larger than here!

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  1. cheryl – I told you this already – but it bears repeating – these images are really stunning – and you are right, that first one is very gorgeous! I also like the one where she’s lying back w/the mic raised…I think the one’s I like are because they are not the normal shots – I am all to familiar with the average rock star shots…but the ones that have that something extra and or different that have a bit of mystery to them are the ones that I love! great work…

  2. I totally agree Elisa. I love the standard rock star shots – but I love the not-so-standard stuff even more at times. And when you get an artist like Terri Nunn, who REALLY goes for it in every sense, it’s so much fun! And I’ll be honest, this was in a real theater, with the audience seated for the entire show. The front row was reserved for the photographers, and I also roamed the aisles and the wings of the stage – but when Berlin came on, I seated myself right in the center seat of the front row – and I acted like a fan for a good part of their set. I definitely danced in my seat and sang along with almost every song. So I *felt* like I was totally in tune with the band, and as you know, that almost always means better images! Usually I try to shoot from a variety of locations – and if you told me I had to stay in one spot for the entire show, I’d feel limited – but for this show it felt right. And that last image? It was the very end of the show, and it happened directly in front of me – there are definitely benefits to being in the best seat in the house!

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