Idyllwild Town Monument by David Roy

I’ve been watching the progress on the Idyllwild Town Monument for a couple of years now as I drove by in my car, and yesterday I decided to get a closer look. The artist, David Roy, was busy working, but he took a minute to pose for me.

David RoyIdyllwild Town Monument

Idyllwild Town MonumentSign about the Monument

Gargoyles in Idyllwild

The entrance to the artist’s workspace is pictured above – notice the stone lamp posts and the Gargoyles atop each one – they’re wonderful! And funnily enough, they don’t seem out of place in Idyllwild…

David Roybear-statue

David Roy at work, and one of the many other pieces of his work, on the property.

Idyllwild Town Monumentdetail of wood carving

I wasn’t the only one stopping to look – the monument is a big tourist attraction. Note the guy with a camera up to his eye – I wasn’t the only one shooting photographs either! And in fact, the artist encourages it! For more on David Roy, see


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  1. Really love the pics on this post, the David Roy wood carvings are some of the best I’ve seen in this style ever and have the perfect setting of the mountain area.

    The variety of photos is nice too, from the dramatic tree, the mountain picture, down to the flowers, the pictures would look good on any tourist information publication or site.

    I got onto the pictures by chance, I’m writing a book which has parts of it based in this area, although I’ve not been there, the pictures allow me to get the ambience, well a picture is a thousand words!

    (as they say!)

    Looks a really great place to live.

  2. Hello,
    Was wondering if you had a second to talk… If you have been following the construction of this project then you would know of, and or, have met my father. His name was Kelly Riddle, and he was, what I call, the back bone to the project. I feel as though with out his efforts in gathering the logs and helping construct the base structure, that this would have never happened, or would have taken much much longer. If you didn’t know my dad, he was diagnosed with Cancer in 2005. He was THE most amazing man in the world, he didn’t want to waste any time wallowing in this death sentence. Him and David spent the remaining 5 years of his life planning and working together to construct the piece. I’m sadden that my father never got to see it finaly rest in it’s, now, home. I love David’s work, as an artist, I appriciate the details and the life he brings to things.. I wish that he would have brought more life to my fathers involvement in this project. I’d never want to take away from his success, I think my dad deserves a lot of credit for, in his last hard years, being so dedicated to building this. He was the one that brought the trees, he was the one that helped cut them, and HE was the one that helped glue it together.. I have plenty of video and pictures to prove so. I just want my dad to get some credit.
    Thank you for your time,
    If you have any questions feel free to reply or my number is 769-396-7918.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Keyerra! Thanks for filling in some of the history of the project. With public art of this type, the artist tends to get most of the attention, but everyone involved should be proud, and I’m glad you’ve shared your father’s part in the process here!

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