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So why am I posting screen shots of my current web site? Well the word current might be a clue…

I love my site as is – it was designed with my fine art background in mind. If you ever spent hours cutting mats for prints, bright white mats, four-ply, with sharp perfect corners, and never exactly square, always fuller at the bottom – then you get all the white in my current site. And if you ever signed your mounted prints with pencil, then you really get it. Even the little square images that repeat throughout the site are an homage to the square images on a medium format contact sheet.

But things change! And artists evolve. And it was time for an update. So that’s coming, soon. But today I just want to post a few screenshots, as an archive, because I like looking back! And soon, what you see below, will be the past.

2 Replies to “Site Update”

  1. So interesting you would post this now… I am trying to settle on a design, and I was thinking about you mentioning more changes are coming soon here… I can’t wait to see where you go with things…and for the record, I love the clean lines especially of your opening screen, now…but am excited to see what you unveil next!

  2. The design is still going to be clean – but the new version is more modern, sleeker, and just more glossy! Can a website be glossy? In my mind, yes!

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