Officially spring in Idyllwild

Pollen // Photo: Cheryl SpeltsSpring comes later up in the mountains. We still had snow when the wildflowers started appearing in the flatlands. And even within Idyllwild, spring came sooner in the downtown area, and later further up the mountain. The altitude change makes a difference in so many different ways… In late summer, when it’s cooler up here, we’ll be grateful for that difference, but for most of the last few months I’ve just been wishing spring would hurry up and get here!

Then this weekend, as I drove up the hill, everything seemed to be in bloom. Wild lilac that bloomed in March in Fallbrook, is at it’s peak right now up here – both versions too – purple and white! And masses of yellow flowers bloom around every corner. And the yuccas? So many of them this year! It’s a really beautiful drive right now between Banning and Idyllwild.

But today there was a brand new sign of spring – pollen! Yellow-green pollen from the oak trees is covering everything.

I grabbed my iPhone to take a photo of my car, when I saw how much pollen was on it – intending to just document it. But then I got into the way the light was reflecting off the shiny paint, and reflection of a rock wall, in the surface, and pretty soon I was more into the art, than in the documenting. Typical!

So yeah, that really is pollen, on the hood of my car – believe it or not. And if you don’t, come up to Idyllwild and see for yourself! It really is pretty up here right now – and cool!

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