Twisted Trees

Trees Dog Tag from Marty CaseyI love it when people send me fun stuff! This just came into my mailbox, and it’s super cool – and not just because the ad features one of my images!

The twisted “Trees” illustration is beyond cool – loved it since I first saw it – and it’s a perfect fit with silver. I LOVE this necklace! And it’s for a good cause as well – the world needs more trees.

You can read all about it on – and buy one too!

And while we’re on the subject of Marty Casey, tonight is the very first show with his new band, LA Guns in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They’ll be in Los Angeles at the Key Club and in Hermosa Beach at Saint Rocke in August, but if you live in other parts of the United States or Canada or Puerto Rico or Peru or Venezuela or Chile or Argentina or Uruguay, then check out the tour dates on his site.

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