One of my favorite sensations… Being slightly sunburned – just arms, upper back and shoulders, and maybe a little on the cheeks – and then that same night, letting a chilly summer evening breeze blow across my hot skin, and give me shivers. It’s bliss.

I also love laying in the sun, at the beach, on a towel on the sand, and letting the sun bake down. Not for long, but for a few brief minutes, how much damage can you do?

I actually love the way my pale skin looks – I’m one of those rare people too pale to match most makeup brands, but I tan easily. But tanning makes me look older, so I avoid it… Pale is good, right? But this weekend, while moving, I ended up spending a lot of time in the sun, and came away slightly pink everywhere that wasn’t covered up – even the back of my neck got some sun – since I had my hair up.

As I was driving the moving truck back last night, traveling down Highway 101, right along the beach, and letting the cool night air give me chills, I just felt so fortunate and lucky and eager! And I was singing with the radio the whole way down. I only sing when I’m happy. It’s impossible not to sing, when I feel that way, it just comes out – at full volume! And when I’m not happy? Well I don’t sing. So I always sort of know, that if I’m in the middle of a change – big change, little change, any kind of change at all – and if I find myself singing, it’s an excellent sign!

I’m actually enjoying the night breeze again tonight – with my laptop out on the deck – perfect summer night! I’d never intentionally get sunburned – I’m too aware of how damaging it is – but it was accidental this time, and I see nothing wrong with thoroughly enjoying every sensation I can!

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  1. I got sunburned too, 3 times in the last 2 months…all because I am careless…none on purpose! lol…all three times it was out taking photos, lol…I don’t pay attention…actually last wknd, I did put on sunscreen, but he sun was strong…this wknd I just forgot and it was just blazing…I live in Seattle…it is just easy to forget the sun is real here! lol…I got a bit sunburned in Venice last month…it was an Italian burn…a Venetian one at that…so it at least sounds exotic…and would you believe, I don’t tan/burn easily?! I hope your move/destination is fabulous…see ya next month!! Remind me to bring sunscreen!

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