Marty Casey on the Sunset Strip

If you watched my favorite show ever, Rock Star: INXS, this singer/songwriter may look familiar. And even if you didn’t watch the show, you may recognize him from the commercials that were all over CBS that summer. Marty Casey was the fan favorite, and millions of people voted for him – he’s an amazing musician!

We shot this session on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood – but not at night, when the strip is at it’s most recognizable… We shot during the day, and were gifted with soft hazy light for most of the session, and then brilliant sun for the balance. Perfect!

Marty Casey | Pay Phone

Marty Casey | Silvery

Marty Casey at Whisky A Go Go

Marty Casey | Reflection

Corner of Clark and Sunset

Marty Casey at the Roxy

Marty Casey on the Sunset Strip

Marty Casey on the Sunset Strip

Marty Casey | In the Sun

Marty Casey on the Sunset Strip

Marty Casey | Flower

And there’s more! To see the whole session, go to Rock Band Lounge!

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