One of my favorite sensations… Being slightly sunburned – just arms, upper back and shoulders, and maybe a little on the cheeks – and then that same night, letting a chilly summer evening breeze blow across my hot skin, and give me shivers. It’s bliss.

I also love laying in the sun, at the beach, on a towel on the sand, and letting the sun bake down. Not for long, but for a few brief minutes, how much damage can you do?

I actually love the way my pale skin looks – I’m one of those rare people too pale to match most makeup brands, but I tan easily. But tanning makes me look older, so I avoid it… Pale is good, right? But this weekend, while moving, I ended up spending a lot of time in the sun, and came away slightly pink everywhere that wasn’t covered up – even the back of my neck got some sun – since I had my hair up.

As I was driving the moving truck back last night, traveling down Highway 101, right along the beach, and letting the cool night air give me chills, I just felt so fortunate and lucky and eager! And I was singing with the radio the whole way down. I only sing when I’m happy. It’s impossible not to sing, when I feel that way, it just comes out – at full volume! And when I’m not happy? Well I don’t sing. So I always sort of know, that if I’m in the middle of a change – big change, little change, any kind of change at all – and if I find myself singing, it’s an excellent sign!

I’m actually enjoying the night breeze again tonight – with my laptop out on the deck – perfect summer night! I’d never intentionally get sunburned – I’m too aware of how damaging it is – but it was accidental this time, and I see nothing wrong with thoroughly enjoying every sensation I can!

Twisted Trees

Trees Dog Tag from Marty CaseyI love it when people send me fun stuff! This just came into my mailbox, and it’s super cool – and not just because the ad features one of my images!

The twisted “Trees” illustration is beyond cool – loved it since I first saw it – and it’s a perfect fit with silver. I LOVE this necklace! And it’s for a good cause as well – the world needs more trees.

You can read all about it on – and buy one too!

And while we’re on the subject of Marty Casey, tonight is the very first show with his new band, LA Guns in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They’ll be in Los Angeles at the Key Club and in Hermosa Beach at Saint Rocke in August, but if you live in other parts of the United States or Canada or Puerto Rico or Peru or Venezuela or Chile or Argentina or Uruguay, then check out the tour dates on his site.

An update…

So much to say, and so little time!

First, I’m moving! It’s time. I love Fallbrook, but I belong closer to Los Angeles – at least for now – so I’m packing and I’ll be there by the end of this month. Change can be tough, scary, and all that jazz, but sometimes it just feels so right, that none of the negatives apply. This move feels RIGHT.

Second, I did a big session a couple of weeks ago, and I think the first images may be debuting soon. It was a lot of fun, and the images are really striking, so I can’t wait to share them here and everywhere! If you’re curious, just think really really hard, and you may be able to guess…

Third, I think I shot 14 headshots in one week. I’ll be able to share at least a few of them soon. Lot’s of actors and models and other film people!

Fourth, I have another special project I can’t talk about yet – but it’s great!

So yeah, really really busy, and really really happy! More later…

Marty Casey on the Sunset Strip

If you watched my favorite show ever, Rock Star: INXS, this singer/songwriter may look familiar. And even if you didn’t watch the show, you may recognize him from the commercials that were all over CBS that summer. Marty Casey was the fan favorite, and millions of people voted for him – he’s an amazing musician!

We shot this session on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood – but not at night, when the strip is at it’s most recognizable… We shot during the day, and were gifted with soft hazy light for most of the session, and then brilliant sun for the balance. Perfect!

Marty Casey | Pay Phone

Marty Casey | Silvery

Marty Casey at Whisky A Go Go

Marty Casey | Reflection

Corner of Clark and Sunset

Marty Casey at the Roxy

Marty Casey on the Sunset Strip

Marty Casey on the Sunset Strip

Marty Casey | In the Sun

Marty Casey on the Sunset Strip

Marty Casey | Flower

And there’s more! To see the whole session, go to Rock Band Lounge!

Or to discuss it on RBL, go here!