Fallbrook Sourcebook is here!

Fallbrook Sourcebook

Last month I spent a week shooting all over town – I shot at Palomares House, Dinwiddie Preserve, the Farmer’s Market, Los Jilgueros Preserve, and in all sorts of hidden out of the way places that only long-time Brooktown residents know about. It was great! And now those images are in the 2008 Fallbrook Sourcebook – it’s the only glossy magazine dedicated solely to the Fallbrook/Bonsall area – and it comes out once a year – today!

The cover features six of my images – the only one I didn’t shoot is the food – the rest are my work. I also shot the cover in 2005 – that year it was one image of an artist painting in a garden – so typical Fallbrook stuff!

I also have quite a few images inside the magazine, and now I can blog some of those images. So more tomorrow!

And finally, here’s my ad that appears inside – I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

Cheryl Spelts Photography

2 Replies to “Fallbrook Sourcebook is here!”

  1. Hi Cheryl, I just saw your site for pictures of Fallbrook, very beautiful work BTW. I am going to Fallbrook on Saturday with my Bride & Groom, and was wondering if you by any chance could recommend a good place for pictures of just the 2 of them? Fallbrook means a lot to my bride, since her grandparents was from there, they are now deceased! Oak Park, is that a good place? Sorry we are not from there, and i do not know the area! They both love the outdoor, maybe if there is water, stream, a bridge cool trees ETC. sorry for asking you about this! Hope you can advise me, Thank you 😉 Dorrit Solesbee
    BTW. they are getting married this Sat. June 8, and we are coming from S.D.

  2. Hi Dorrit! It sounds like you need to get in and out quickly, if it’s their wedding day? So yeah, I would definitely suggest Live Oak Park. It’s the most iconically Fallbrook, of any public space. Huge oak trees, etc. There is a stream that winds through, but it’s got cement sides – it’s been urbanized! But there are pretty spots to shoot, including a garden, near the parking lot. And it’s fairly close to the 15 freeway, so you don’t have to go all the way into downtown.

    If you have a little more time… you also might want to check out Palomares House. It’s one of the oldest homes in Fallbrook, and is now used for community events – and the grounds include a windmill and usually quite a few flowers, but I haven’t been by lately, so I don’t know if anything is currently in bloom. It has an old-time “Fallbrook as home” feel to it – but it isn’t as big as Live Oak Park, so there aren’t as many shooting options.

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