What is Brooktown? It’s home! Technically it’s slang for Fallbrook – the cool kids in the 1960’s came up with it – at least that’s the story I was told at first. Then I heard that it first appeared on a high school yearbook in the 1930’s. But whenever it originated, it’s the insider way to refer to Fallbrook…

Citrus Trees at Maddox Nursery

Maddox Nursery Fallbrook, California

Maddox Nursery  Fallbrook, California

The view from Maddox Nursery – rolling hills, groves, oak trees, a few palms, scrub brush, and beautiful homes tucked away in places you never see from the main roads. That’s Brooktown!

Dinwiddie Preserve Fallbrook, California

It’s far too easy to drive past Dinwiddie Preserve and never really discover it… But it’s worth discovering!

Red Tree

Red Tree

I loved the color of the red blossoms on this tree – they may look small in the images, but they were huge.

Olive Trees in Fallbrook, California

Olive Trees, Fallbrook, California

Olive Trees | Fallbrook, California

In the 1880’s olive trees were planted all over Fallbrook, and between 1913-1915 olives were the biggest cash crop in the area. There was even an olive press here, for making olive oil. Remnants of those old groves can be spotted all over town, but the prettiest stand of olive trees is on the corner of Mission and Live Oak Park Road.

Some pretty little weeds in my backyard, in Fallbrook, California.

And finally some weeds from in front of Elder House.

So that’s it for my contribution to the 2008 Fallbrook Sourcebook! Some of these same images are currently appearing on and earlier today I discovered that my 2005 cover image for the Sourcebook is appearing on the front page of – some images have a long life, and it was definitely an image that defines what Fallbrook is all about!

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