Movie Night!

My big fancy LCD TV was delivered a couple of months ago, and I got the mounting apparatus hung on the wall, but when it came time to actually lift the TV up onto the mount, there was just no way I could go that by myself. So my brother Michael came over with my two nephews and got it up on the wall for me. And I promised my nephews that we’d do a movie night really soon!

Well it took two months, but we finally did it tonight! My mom took them to Blockbuster to rent the movie of their choice – they picked Elf with Will Ferrell. And I decided that since it’s the only time I’ll be entertaining this holiday season, I’d break out the pretty glasses and the fancy food!


Here is the table, moments before they arrived. The glasses were filled with pink 7Up and rimmed with flavored pink sugar – and those are mini chocolate eclairs from Bavaria in the center of the table.


Two of the guests!

Stuffed Greek Pinwheel

Stuffed Greek Pinwheel with fresh spinach salad. The butcher at Major Market does all the preparation, and all I have to do is pop them in the oven for an hour. And they taste soooo good!

Kettle Corn dribbled with Dark Chocolate

More food… Kettle Corn dribbled with dark chocolate.

Popcorn and a Movie

And finally, the movie…

It was a fun night!

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