Right Brain vs Left Brain

This is the craziest thing – and very cool! In this fun little test, if you see the dancer moving clockwise, then supposedly you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

It says that most people will see it move counter-clockwise – which I find interesting. Evidently some people are also able to try to focus and change the direction. I wasn’t able to.

Oh, and their descriptions of both types are very good – they go a little deeper than the typical left brained are practical and right brained are emotional.

Can you guess which way I saw it turn?

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  1. wow….the lady switched directions almost every time I would look at the pic. Odd! I see Elisa…I would change my concentration focus and she would change. Funny. I first saw it go clock-wise but I think I am left brained.

  2. I just saw this exercise elsewhere on the web, and my result is the same as it was three years ago – I can only make it go clockwise. And if I read the descriptions for right bran and left brain functions, I do lean more toward the right, even if I do feel I’m pretty well balanced overall.

    After all, if you look at my career choices, I chose things that use the technical and the artistic parts of my brain. I was a web developer and designer, and spent most of my time deep in code – which is definitely technical and fact based – but the end result had to be artistic and easy to look at – so it was the perfect balance of right and left brain functions, for someone like me, who hovers in the middle. Same thing with photography. When I started, there were no LCD screens on cameras, to help make sure you had the exposure set correctly. You had to know the math! So once again, perfect combination of right and left functions for someone like me!

    But, when I look at this exercise, it only goes right, and no matter how hard I concentrate, or how long I look, I can’t make it switch. So I guess that means that while I may be able to do both well, I definitely am better suited to the right brain functions. I can live with that!

  3. Here are the descriptions of right and left brain functions – in case the link above ever goes dead…

    uses logic,
    detail oriented,
    facts rule,
    words and language,
    present and past,
    math and science,
    can comprehend,
    order/pattern perception,
    knows object name,
    reality based,
    forms strategies,

    uses feeling,
    “big picture” oriented,
    imagination rules,
    symbols and images,
    present and future,
    philosophy & religion,
    can “get it” (i.e. meaning),
    spatial perception,
    knows object function,
    fantasy based,
    presents possibilities,
    risk taking

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