A Red Clawfoot Bathtub

Yesterday on a whim I drove over the Elder House and rounded the corner just as a group of people were heading up the staircase to my new studio – so I called out and Julie called back that they were on their way up to uncover the bathtub. Totally perfect timing – it was meant to be.

First, you have to understand how much I LOVE clawfoot tubs. There’s nothing else like a big iron tub. They hold the heat, they hold a lot of water, the water is deep – they’re just heaven! And, on top of all that, they’re usually the most beautiful thing in a house. The only thing more beautiful is a great staircase with a carved wood banister – and even that is debatable.

So I was already excited, but it was particularly exciting because I’ve always heard there was a clawfoot tub up there, but who knew if it was true? And now I was going to get to witness the uncovering. And just as important to me, it was thinking about that rumored tub that made me realize I could actually live there – so in my mind the lure of that tub is what led me to my new studio. So yeah, I was excited!

And it’s beautiful! It needs to be resurfaced – I’ve done some research and it’s about $500 to get the work done – but well worth it!

And it’s red. That totally cracked me up!

I was under the impression that it had been covered up for twenty years – and it certainly looks that way! The reality is it was only covered a few years ago. But with a little professional help and a few days to cure, it’ll be a beautiful tub again.

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