Moving to Riverside

Big news! I’m getting ready to move to Riverside and I’m really excited about it.

I’ve lived in San Diego for almost my entire life – I was born here! But I did spend six months once in a cute little apartment on the top floor of an old Victorian in downtown Riverside. I’m a huge fan of 100-year-old houses so Riverside is nirvana for me. In 1885 the area had the highest per-capita income in the United States, because of the orange groves, and the residents put their money into their houses – and thankfully a lot of those Victorians and Craftsmen homes still exist. Plus there are smaller cottages from the twenties and thirties on the same streets. My favorite area is directly west of the Mission Inn. The realtors tend to prefer the Wood Streets area, which is just a few blocks south, and it’s a very nice area – and it does have old houses – but that neighborhood feels a little “newer” to me, and with me, the older the better!

So with the move looming, I’ve been doing a lot of commuting. The last two weeks I’ve split my time between my current home, and hotels, and my mother’s house, since she lives closer to Riverside than I currently do. Just a few more weeks to go, and then I’ll be settled in Riverside and ready to get to work. I’m looking forward to it!

The Train to Riverside

I love trains – usually… but not today. There was evidently an accident somewhere up north, so one train was out of commission, and it just happened to be the train I needed to be on to complete my trip and get from Santa Ana to Riverside. And it gets better! It was also very very cold, and there were high winds, and the next train was late, and it was after sunset. Fun.

By the time I got to Riverside I was so frozen, it took hours to warm up – seriously. Remind me never to leave my jacket at home just because it’s sunny when I leave – if I’m taking a train – cause there just might be a delay.

But I got some cool images, so it wasn’t all bad. And I’ll do it again. I like trains too much to let one bad night sway me…