Under the Pier

Just a quick note about the photography seminar I went to – one of the days was spent with a photographer I find really inspiring – John Michael Cooper. I shot this with my iPhone – its JMC and his wife Dalisa, working with a couple of models under the pier near the Trump Taj Mahal, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I came away from his presentation completely blown away – he’s that good! I just love it when another artist can knock me out like that – it’s really rare, and wonderful. He was definitely the highlight of the whole week!

Arthur Lavine and Harry Callahan at MOPA

I went to MOPA today with a couple of photographer friends to see the Arthur Lavine/Harry Callahan exhibit. It made me realize how much I miss being in school – not because I miss going to classes, but because I miss being around other photographers and talking about art. It’s so great to be looking at something totally beautiful, and to be able to discuss it with other people who get it! And who may see it from a different perspective and make me see things I didn’t at first.

The Callahan exhibit is huge – a big cross section of his work is shown and you get to see his proof sheets and negatives. You get a real feel for him and his images by the time you’ve wound around and seen everything.

And the stuff by Lavine is brilliant! He’s the guy who shot that really iconic image of brotherhood among workers – hands pulling on a lever – you’d recognize the image if you saw it. Really really beautiful stuff.

They also had a small selection of Ansel Adams images on display.

Then after the museum we headed over to the Prado for margaritas and more conversation. I’ve had lunch at the Prado before, but never been there for Happy Hour, and it’s great! Fabulous passion fruit margaritas in a beautiful setting after seeing some great art. Highlight of the week, for sure!

Arthur Lavine: Peripatetic Pleasures and Meditations
Harry Callahan: The Photographer at Work
Nature & Spirit: The Photographs of Ansel Adams

Fallbrook at Night

Sometimes it’s more interesting to shoot after the sun goes down. The whole world looks very different at that time of day. The first image was created about an hour after sunset – it was 8PM, but the sky still had some lightness to it, and with a long enough exposure it almost looks like daylight. The wisteria was in bloom, and while it’s magnificent in color, somehow I like it even better in B&W at night.

Wisteria at Night // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

The next one was right at midnight, in downtown Fallbrook. Notice the car lights streaking by, behind the blooming tree. The exposure was only about 15 seconds, but several cars and trucks crossed through the frame during that time.

Mission Avenue at Night // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

The final image was shot at the old fruit packing plant, right after midnight. I’ve shot this building before – most notably for a CD cover for a local band. It’s been a charming eyesore for over a decade, but they recently began the big renovation to turn it into a trendy restaurant and office and retail space. If I was planning to stay in Fallbrook I’d be tempted to look into opening a studio there. It’s a great location, and the plans indicate it’s going to be a fabulous space once it’s done!

Old Fruit Packing Plant at Night // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

Holga Imagery

Alley in Downtown RiversideIn the summer of 2001 I took a class at Palomar College called the Plastic Camera Workshop, and I liked it so much I took it again in the summer of 2002. In 2003 they changed the content slightly, and gave it a new name, The Multiple Image. All three years involved coming up with a portfolio of images, using a $20 plastic toy camera–a Holga!

View a slideshow of Holga Images from 2001-2003

Post added on March 22, 2017, but the images are from 2001-2003.



First Congregational Church of Riverside

First Congregational Church of RiversideFirst Congregational Church

 Life Arts Building in Riverside, California

Flowers at the old YMCA

Old House in Julian, California