More on the Housing Crisis

San Jacinto For Rent // Photo: Cheryl SpeltsLast month, after reading an article that mentioned how few artists were currently doing work that referenced the current housing crisis, I decided to go out and shoot – with absolutely no expectations. I wasn’t sure what I was after or what I was trying to say, and that was okay. It was just an exercise, and I blogged about my first attempt here.

That first attempt was shiny, happy, and glossy, which was a little surprising given the subject matter, but not totally unexpected, if you know me. And it truly was just the first attempt. If, and I do mean if, I pursue this as a full-blown project, I’m certain it will evolve, and could end up very different, once I figure out what I want to say – but I’m not in that mode yet.

Right now I’m in exploration mode, and this week that took me to San Jacinto, California and a little house for rent in the downtown area. With broken windows, a bare dirt yard, and a sign on the front door that declared it uninhabitable – poor little house!

So not quite as shiny this time. Or as happy. And certainly not glossy. But still me.

I’m still not sure where I’m going with this project – or if it’s even a project – it might just stay an exercise. It’s good to explore! Even if it leads nowhere special…

San Jacinto For Rent // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

San Jacinto For Rent // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

San Jacinto For Rent // Photo: Cheryl Spelts

Abstract in Acrylic

Violet and Orange Abstract Painting / Cheryl Spelts

I moved some of my things out of storage this weekend, and happily came across this painting I did several years ago. An abstract done in acrylics on canvas – in my favorite color combination – violet and a dark purple, with orange. I still love it, years later, and it makes me happy to post it here, and share it with the world.

I may not earn my living as a painter, but I think all artists play in other media at times, and this painting is just as much me as any photographic image. Who I am as an artist comes out whether I’m working with light sensitive emulsion, or acrylic paint, or millions and millions of pixels…