A Driveway…

I live in a beautiful area. I’m very fortunate! The driveway is lined with oak, pine, and eucalyptus trees. At this time of year a weed blooms along the driveway, and the blossoms are bright orange and golden orange and yellow-orange. They really are amazingly beautiful when you get in close – like a wild orchid, and yet it’s considered a weed.

My Driveway - May 8, 2006

Orange Flowers - May 8, 2006

Orange Flowers - May 8, 2006

Further down are yellow daisies, calla lilies, and yellow irises…

Calla Lily - May 8, 2006

Yellow Daisy - May 8, 2006

Purple Iris

Purple Iris - Fallbrook, CA - May 7, 2006

Purple Iris - Fallbrook, CA - May 7, 2006

Purple Iris - Fallbrook, CA - May 3, 2006

All three of these images are of the same Iris – taken at different times of the day, over two days, four days apart. With a flower this gorgeous, just by varying the shooting angle and the light, you can get a whole series of images!

Cats and Computers

Ashley - May 4, 2006Portia - May 4, 2006

Ashley at 2:42 PM, today. You can see ROCKBAND.COM on the laptop… And Portia at 4:45 PM, today in the exact same spot.

Ashley - 2000

Ashley and his brothers in 2000. I got the pick of the litter!

Guestbook, 1997-2005

My old guestbook – cool when I set it up in 1997 – recently has been attracting a lot of spam. In fact, I haven’t gotten a real comment in it since early 2005. So it’s officially no more! But, that doesn’t mean I wanted to lose everything – I did get a few fun comments over the years! So here’s some of the best, saved for the ages…

And if you scroll down far enough you’ll see where Seymour W. Duncan stopped by back in the early days – that was a big highlight!

Monday 04/04/2005 5:18:59pm
Homepage URL: http://www.equineseek.com/pet/4e/Pets/Dog-Breeds/
Location: Canada
Comments: It has been a pleasure to see your photos. I just past through here and I love it very much. I really appreciate your work here, I think it will serve to many for inspiration.

Wednesday 12/08/2004 9:56:56pm
Homepage URL: http://www.mixinvisuals.com
Comments: the fine art photos are really good. love the little kids face up close 🙂

Sunday 02/29/2004 1:55:56pm
Bert Nordberg
Location: Fresno, California
Comments: Hi Cheryl! Long time no hear from! Great photos, Very nice site. Keep up the great photos.
long lost friend,

Friday 01/30/2004 11:11:14pm
Name: Tom
Homepage URL:
Location: The Netherlands
Hello, my compliments for your nice website and photos! Please come see my website and photos sometime? Best regards from Tom.

Saturday 12/20/2003 3:09:14pm
Leif Karlsson
Homepage URL: http://www.lk-panorama.com
Location: Sweden
Comments: I just surfed on your nice website and would like to take the opportunity to tell you how much I liked it, I will certainly come back and visit again to check it out for future updates. Please feel free to take a look at my Panorama photos at www.lk-panorama.com if you like.
Best regards/ Leif

Tuesday 12/16/2003 12:36:54am
Homepage URL: http://thebassguy.com/cohen
Great portrait work! Band stuff is super too……thebassguy

Wednesday 11/05/2003 10:54:47am
Mike Kieffer
Homepage URL:
Location: Saratoga Springs, Utah
Great site. I really like your work.

Tuesday 10/14/2003 4:56:45pm
Homepage URL: http://www.patrou.com
Comments: Just happened upon your Photography site, nice

Thursday 09/25/2003 6:34:35am
Homepage URL:
Location: France
Comments: Nice pictures, congratulations!

Monday 04/28/2003 8:12:26am
John Matthews
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/jwmphotography/index.html
Location: Tennessee
Comments: Great photography Cheryl, you have a very unique style, which works fantastically – keep up the marvelous work—–

Friday 04/25/2003 2:47:12pm
scott maiden
Homepage URL: http://www.scottmaiden.com
Location: Sunnyvale CA
Comments: l like the portfolio layout. Images show the subjects soul. very good

Monday 03/03/2003 4:02:57am
Jay Kelly
Homepage URL: http://www.jaykellyphoto.com
Location: San Francisco
Very nice work!
Jay Kelly
Jay Kelly Photography

Tuesday 02/04/2003 10:52:45am
anthony j campbell
Thank you! I Love you always, Tony Campbell

Wednesday 07/18/2001 0:08:52am
shad sluiter
Homepage URL: http://www.naturephotogallery.com
Location: USA
Good looking and creative eye you have.

Friday 06/22/2001 4:33:11pm
Location: north carolina
Comments: I’m 19 and in school now for photography. I really want to go into the commercial field. I love to take pictures of people..but, not so much portrait..like, not school pictures and that kind of thing. I want to do fashion photography because it is so interesting to me. I’m not sure, but i thought Id ask if you ever did any internships ? I mean, if you ever had, or would even want to have someone come intern with you. Just a thought.

Friday 06/01/2001 1:42:27pm
Name: andi
Homepage URL: http://andiland.dreamwater.com
Location: ohio.
beautiful work.

Tuesday 04/17/2001 1:30:18am
marty tetloff
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/micromarty/lizardcity.html
Location: Tacoma, WA
Comments: Nice work.

Monday 01/22/2001 11:26:42pm
Jim Gamble
Location: MD
Comments: Cheryl, I was surfing and saw your site and just wanted to say WOW your photos are GREAT I hope to start shooting people soon to build my own portfolio hope mine turn out as good as yours

Tuesday 11/14/2000 11:18:08pm
Homepage URL: http://www.paidtoread.com
Comments: One word Cheryl, “awesome”! You have a great eye. I did portfolios in NYC for about 5 years, your work brings back memories…

Site bookmarked!

Thursday 11/02/2000 6:26:30am
Chris Michaels
Homepage URL: http://www.chrismichaels.com
Location: San Diego
Comments: Hi Cheryl,

Found your site after doing a search, for kicks, on my namesake Chris(tian) Michaels.
Little did I know there is a popular musician with my same name. Eventually led to your excellently designed site, and your wonderful polaroid transfers. Nice, creative work, in general – even the writing. I’m a professional photographer too and use that technique on occaision also. If you ever get near downtown SD, give me a ring – we can chat and laugh about the industry! My photos can be seen at chrismichaels.com if you’re interested.

The other Chris Michaels

Friday 10/27/2000 4:08:24pm
Dennis Coughlin
Homepage URL:
Location: New Hampshire
Comments: Hi Cheryl,
I found your page through e-groups and am happy to have found it. I like your work and wish you continued success!
Take care,

Wednesday 05/31/2000 9:14:00pm
Carly Rodgers
Location: Northern Ireland
WOW! There fantastic pictures. I’m 18 and I’m trying to take Portrait pictures. My dream (now don’t laugh!) is to photograph portraits of celebrities. I love your work, and trust me I’ll be back again. Keep on at it!
Carly Rodgers

Friday 03/31/2000 11:00:00am
Richard Gerard Gay
Location: Philippines
Your website is cool! I love it!!!

Friday 07/31/1998 6:30:00am
Geoff Wilbur
Homepage URL: http://membrane.com/renegade
Location: East Lansing, MI
Comments: Hello! Actual proof that people DO surf — got here via the Ces Jacuzzi site from your message in the discussion on the indiebiz list. Thought since the thread had to do with web surfing (and I’m not sleeping like I should be), I’d check out some web sites. Cheers!

Wednesday 06/10/1998 2:56:00am
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4319/
Location: Rochester NY
Impressive portfolio. I liked both the content and the technique of your photos

Monday 06/08/1998 9:52:00pm
john christiano
Homepage URL: http://home.att.net/~christiano
Location: LA CA
compelling work.

Sunday 05/31/1998 7:50:00am
Fred Tracey
Homepage URL:
Location: The mecca that is north county
Just stumbled upon this site. Kinda interesting.

Wednesday 01/21/1998 8:50:00pm
Name: Ruth
Homepage URL: http://www.octonet.com/~steinfat/
Location: Victoria, B.C. Canada
Great work Cheryl.. you obviously have a great career ahead of you.. Congratulations.

Friday 01/02/1998 8:06:00am
Name: Kari Tanskanen
Homepage URL: http://tappi.me.tut.fi/~ktanskan/english.html
Location: Finland
Comments: Very nice! My minimalist sense of style especially liked numbers 14, 16 and 55.

Wednesday 12/10/1997 3:26:00pm
Name: Art Wilson
God only knows
Comments: Cheryl:
Just a short note to say how much I enjoy your talents. Oh, by the way, Who’s butt are you showing in MODELS & ACTORS??

Wednesday 11/26/1997 4:44:00am
Name: Seymour W. Duncan
Homepage URL: http://www.seymourduncan.com
Location: Santa Barbara, California
Comments: I enjoy the work of Cheryl Spelts and she had a great eye and I will be watching her work…Seymour W. Duncan (Vintage Guitar Magazine & Seymour Duncan guitar pickups)

Monday 11/10/1997 2:11:00am
Michelle Buendel
Location: Bonsall Calif
Comments: Your site is great!! I had not been aware of it till tonight! Keep up the great work!!

Wednesday 11/05/1997 8:34:00pm
Name: Brenda
Homepage URL:
Location: NJ
Comments: I loved spending time browsing through your pages. I thought the fine art was one of the best parts.

Friday 10/31/1997 4:22:00pm
Name: Maths Lundsbye
Homepage URL:
Gothenburg, Sweden
Comments: You have done a great job here, Cheryl – a good looking site with great photos.
I wish you could take their photo! They make great music, but we don’t have any good band photos. You’re welcome to visit BLACKMAIL HOME CAVE anytime you want to listen to good rock’n’roll in streaming Real Audio.

Thursday 10/30/1997 4:00:00am
Homepage URL:
Melbourne, Vic. Australia
Comments: I really enjoyed looking at your photos, they’re excellent. I’m one of those snap-happy people who loves to take photos of anything and everything, just for the memories. I have about 60 albums with 120 photos in each, and that’s not counting the special albums…like one for each of my kids and the holiday albums etc. My Dad recently lost all his old photos in a fire, and it was like part of the family had gone forever, so sad. Anyway, all the best from me, Tina

Tuesday 10/28/1997 4:13:00pm
Name: Tim Jeffries
Homepage URL:
Comments: Good job! I like it I like it. Keep the fresh pictures and images coming.

Tuesday 10/28/1997 5:41:00am
Name: Hank
Homepage URL:
San Marcos , Ca.
Hi cheryl! Great site. I wish you the best. it’s great to know and work with you! Hank!

Monday 10/27/1997 11:22:00pm
Wendy Piedmonte
Homepage URL:
I am more than flattered to find the photo of me and my hounds with your models and actors. As you know I am niether. Anytime you want to do some animal work, come on over. I could use alot more shots of my gang.
Great Page!!!!!

If you want to see the original spam-filled version, it still exists, for now…